After completing three years of studies in sculpture at Morgan State University in Maryland USA, I came back to Iran in 1971 and continued my studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University mainly under the tutelage of the Master Sculptor, Parviz Tanavoli and received my degree in 1974. More…


2008 – Christie’s Auction, Dubai (More info)
2004 – Solo Exhibition, Artist studio, Tehran
2002 – Group Exhibition, Germany, Bremen
2001 – Group Exhibition, Canadian Ambassador’s residence, Tehran
2001 – Solo Exhibition, Artist studio
2000 – Group Exhibition, Haft-e Tir Charity event, Tehran
1998 – Group Exhibition, Pasargad Gallery, Tehran
1996 – Group Exhibition, Aria Gallery, Tehran
1993 – Group Exhibition, French Embassy cultural office, Tehran
1991- Group Exhibition – Center of creative arts, Tehran

Commissioned Works

2008 – Persian Gulf Statute according to Abu Ashaq Estakhri’s map for Asaluyeh’s phase 9 and 10 (More info and More info)
2006 – Seven stone birds (Pigeons), House of Artists, Tehran
2004 – ‘The Earth’ by Abu Reyhan Birouni, Goftegu (Dialogue) Park, Tehran
1994 – Four large stone works, Jamshidieh Park, Tehran
1993 – ‘The Earth’ according to Abu Reyhan Birouni, Mehrabad Airport, Tehran
1991 – Logo for Urban Expansion of Tehran
1987 – Logo for the Renovation Office of Tehran’s Municipality
1987- Logo for the Mechanized Postal Service, Shiraz


Lily Golestan 2007

A firm and resolute woman, proud and full of self-confident, assiduous and hardworking with eyes damp with a sentiment on the verge of overflowing, a restless rebellious sentiment, yet restrained and guided in the right direction, that is turned into statutes which we see. With eyes damp with ardor, in love with work, in love with humanity, in love with positive elements… More…

Iraj Kalantari 2007

I came to know Simin Ekrami through her works and was moved by the impressions I got from them. It was in this way that a deep rooted contact was established between us. That’s why I accepted the task to express my opinions about her works in a few lines. This is a task that requires both the ability of discernment and expression in words and my limitation in both make it harder for me. More…

Kaveh Vafadari 2007

Upon the first look at the statuary of Simin Ekrami, without knowing her gender, one’s immediate gut feeling is that these works are reflections of the personality, outlook, viewpoint, and feminine joy of an extraordinary woman. A perfect woman in the truest sense and meaning of the word, the mother of two children and the spouse of Bahram Dabiri, the painter…..A husband and wife who, without considering the wishes of their parents, lovingly chose one another and have managed to make a good joyous and healthy living out of their chosen artistic vocations. More…